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iPhone Homescreen

Recently many people have posted screenshots of their first iPhone homescreen all over Twitter. So here is my annotated first home screen. This is what it looks like as of today: Screenshot of my first iPhone homescreen. The following Apps are visible, starting in the upper left corner: (All Links are affiliate links. The price is unchanged and you support this site with buying through these links. Thanks!)

  • Echofon Pro, my Twitter Client of choice.
  • Facebook to access the widely used social networking site.
  • Clock: The standard Clock and Alarm App provided by Apple
  • Sleep Cycle Alarm Clock to wake me up during light sleep based on body motion.
  • Photos: To look at photos and slideshows. App provided by Apple
  • Calendar: To manage my appointments. App provided by Apple
  • Maps: To access Google Maps on the go. App provided by Apple
  • Weather: To quickly glance at the climate outside without having to open a physical window.
  • Reeder: A very convenient RSS client that syncs with Google Reader.
  • Read it Later Pro: An excellent way to collect and read longer articles from the web. I prefer it over Instapaper. Also available as a free version with less features. Read it Later Free
  • Notes: The standard Notes App that comes with iOS. Conveniently syncs with the Notes in Mail.app.
  • Simplenote: Very fast note taking App that syncs with the Simplenote Webservice as well as the Notational Velocity or nvALT Mac Desktop Applications. So I always have my notes with me.
  • Prowl: Growl Client: Integrates with Mac notification System Prowl and also has a Web API to send your own push notifications to your iOS device.
  • LED Light for iPhone 4 is just a simple flashlight App that uses the iPhone 4’s LED. Always comes in handy when you find yourself in the dark.
  • Settings: The iOS settings App by Apple.
  • In the Dock
    • iCab Mobile: This web browser does a lot more than Safari, is extensible with JavaScript Plug-Ins, features an Adblocker and many things more.
    • OmniFocus for iPhone: Heavily GTD inspired TODO management App for professionals. Syncs with OmniFocus for iPad and of course OmniFocus for Mac.
    • Camera+: Allows for better control over my iPhone’s camera with separate settings of exposure and focus as well as effects that can be applied to photographs.
    • iPod: To cure my PodCast addiction.

My iPhone's Research folder on the first homescreen.

  • Research folder:
    • Wikipanion: A simple Wikipedia client.
    • IMDb Film & TV: A client to access the International Movie database which lists tons of info about almost any movie and TV-Show ever made.
    • Soundhound ∞: Listens with the microphone to music that is playing in the room now and will tell you the artist and title. Also available as a (very limited) free App named just Soundhound.
    • Shazam: Another music tagging application that works very similar to Soundhound. Sometimes manages to tag music that Soundhound doesn’t recognize and vice versa. Also available in a version with unlimited tagging called Shazam Encore and as Product(RED) named (Shazam)RED.
    • What the font: Helps you to identify type faces by snapping a picture of text.
    • Convert Bot: Can convert all kinds of measurements like distance, weight, power, temperature from and to their respective multiple used units.
    • Speaking english dictionary: I always need a dictionary handy to help improve my english and to have no excuse of not understanding an english word I come across.