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Preconfigured WikiLeaks Mass Mirroring VM

So, there are already over 2000 WikiLeaks mirror sites on the interwebs. This can still grow to even more mirrors to ensure sustainable access to the publications for everybody. If you would like to host a WikiLeaks mirror but don’t want to or cannot do so on your normal server infrastructure I have created a VM appliance for you.

Why did I create this?

I created this because I consider WikiLeaks a very important publisher of information to society. I am convinced that we need an organisation like WikiLeaks to counter increasing government secrecy, lies and censorship attempts. This VM is a way for me to help that the vital information can stay online and make it simpler for others to create their own WikiLeaks mirror.

Tech specs

It is based on Ubuntu Server Linux 10.10/64 and comes preconfigured with lighttpd as webserver. It is also ready for rsync mirroring of the webpage files. You should be able to setup this VM appliance in about 5 to 10 minutes. Exact details will follow once the final configurations is fixed.

What do I need to run this VM as a mirror?

  • A computer that can run VirtualBox a free virtualization solution.
  • A 24/7 internet connection for the server.
  • An static IP number where said server can be reached from the public internet.
  • A few minutes time to configure everything
  • The will to help with something important

How can I help?

If you are familiar with Ubuntu Server and want to help with this project, please contact me via Twitter: . The setup still needs peer review to ensure the configuration is safe and also performs as expected.