Reality by Observation

Top Ten Safari Requests

  1. Copying Text from a Site (“Copy Link to Clipboard”) doesn’t give you the right link. It apparently does some x-lation that hoses down…
  2. draggin a little_something to the Desktop should store the little_something at the given location and not just drop a link there.*
  3. sometimes auto-(re)sizing an image it goes to the main screen (1) even if it has been created on the second one.*
  4. When you select to save an image, Safari downloads it again rather than using the Cache.
  5. Safari doesn’t listen to acronym tags
  6. I don’t seem to be able to have small CAPS, can I ?
  7. Doesn’t always reload the CSS file either, when I debug a page. Hope its not my fault.
  8. I would LIKE to be able to undo Text inside a Text (or form) field. Sometimes you happen to overwrite-delete an entire line by accident.
  9. why is mouse.over so slow on my page (http://macarena.wfp.at) ? 0.Disable colors when printing, or option to do so. We don’t want the table background or the body background on the B/W Laserpage do we?

*sorry for these are GUI related